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The History of Cellfood

In order to tell the story of how Cellfood was first created, we must go back to the year 1946. According to legend, Cellfood inventor Everett Storey, asked Albert Einstein a question. The microbiologist, who was 32 years old at the time, asked Einstein why we are here on Earth. Einstein told Storey that humans are here to grow, and that life is essentially a school. As time goes by, humans find out what they need to do and what not to do.

At that particular time, Storey was involved in his own experiments concerning the exploration of the elemental laws of matter, and of nature itself. He was in the process of inventing a water-splitting technology. This method would use hydrogen and oxygen to split from each other. They would then be eventually released from a water molecule. With World War II on the horizon, it is thought that the government requested that Storey give his technology to them to be used as a means of developing a hydrogen bomb.

Since Storey considered himself to be a lover of life and a humanitarian, he vowed to not be associated with any weapons making after the war was over. He believed that there are too many people that need help in the world to waste time and resources on ways to destroy each other.

Although Storey is primarily remembered today for his part in the invention of the fission trigger mechanism, his most significant discoveries were designed to heal the human body and restore the environment. The obscure uses of deuterium were specialties of his. This is a nonradioactive isotope of hydrogen. Storey was familiar with all of the di-base, di-polar technologies that were utilizing deuterium at their base. Atomic binding force and heavy water technologies were two more of Storey’s specialties.

After the war was over, Storey and a few of his associates found out that they were dying as a result of being exposed to a harmful level of radiation. It was at this time that Storey began to develop the blueprint for what would eventually become Cellfood. He had a theory that the identical water-splitting technology that he had been working on for many years could also be used to heal a human body. By utilizing amino acids, enzymes, trace minerals and deuterium (as deuterium sulfate), he began to create a solution that would release hydrogen and oxygen into his blood stream. It would also make him healthy by rebuilding the systems of his body and removing noxious radiation. His goal, along with saving his own life, was to prove that the body can repair every living cell in terminal cases within 11 months, if the body has the proper building blocks.

Cellfood contains the identical water-splitting technology that Storey used in the fission trigger technology. He invented an oxygen care system that is based on deuterium ions’ ability to produce a catalytic reaction that is self-sustained. The reaction is one in which a body’s internal water is dissociated into hydrogen and oxygen.

The Cellfood formula that is available across the globe today is the result of 56 years of research. Because it is produced from the healthiest plant substances, it is able to hold its powerful elements and allow them to be consumed by every cell in the human body.

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