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Natraprac Plus

iHealth is proud to announce the release of the special formula NatraPrac plus after five years of development. The launch date Nationwide is set for January 2014.

NatraPrac Plus is a nutrient-rich food considered especially beneficial for health and well being, and one that proposes a new essential protein formula. It offers a non-GMO rice and pea protein combination. It includes other pure, important ingredients like acal berry, grape seed extract, camu camu, apple pectin, chia seeds, blackcurrant, green tea, organic spirulina and chlorella along with other exciting ingredients.

Non-Gmo rice and pea protein provides a practical alternative for people following restrictive diets like vegetarians. It provides an array of benefits for health and fitness. After five years in the making, NatraPrac plus offers many thoroughly researched and synergistic phytonutrients completing a delicious tasting superfood for those looking for a low allergy, natural boost in their everyday diet. It’s a family-friendly product too!
Look at these qualities:

  • It’s dairy free
  • Chemical and additive free
  • Contains no artificial sweeteners
  • Low gluten
  • Vegan friendly low allergy
  • Wheat free low gluten

It provides antioxidants, essential fatty acids, plant sterols, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, plant fibers and alkaline greens, along with essential polyphenols.

About iHealth and Health 2u

iHealth is Health 2u’s Internet store and retail outlet for the company’s advanced health products. Health 2u is one of Australia’s leading quality health product developers now after fifteen years in the field. Known for producing affordable products, Health 2u uses iHealth to provide a secure online shopping experience at their online store. Their staff of highly qualified Professionals provides the buyers with quality products at an affordable price through the store.


Health 2u is a master distributor of Cellfood products like Cellfood Original Concentrate, Cellfood Natural Silica and Cellfood Natural Burn to aid in weight loss, beauty enhancement and other benefits. Health 2u is committed to the expansion of Cellfood and related products throughout Australia and Asia. The iHealth online store also offers high quality products from companies like Moorlife, Amazing Grace, Amazonia, Powerfoods, Energy Health and Olive Leaf Australia.

If you’re looking for a radical and exciting new choice to add to your everyday diet, consider iHealth’s newest offering, the NatraPrac plus superfood. It’s available at the iHealth online store soon. Check and for more information.

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