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It all started 14 years ago when I commenced clinical practice, long before iHealth. Formerly at my college, I noticed a slow decline in traditional Naturopathic principles and a move towards prescription based, Allopathic Medicine. i.e.; Observe a symptom singularly and then treat the isolated symptom with a certain remedy. I noticed clinical protocol moving from holistic, multi systemic treatment to basic cause and effect. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for trying to get to the bottom of a problem, but what I am talking about is the slow evangelisation of Practitioners to these ‘new principles’ of Nutritional Medicine, with the express, hidden goal of many companies supplying products to sell more pills, thus making the diagnosis and treatment more complex. Off we went to seminar after seminar with so called, ‘evidence based’, research presented in such complex dialogue you did not really know what they were talking about.

My peers and I sat there overwhelmed by the long words, complex protocols and the subsequent need to sign up with this ‘hot shot’, Medical / Nutraceutical company to become legitimate Doctors. If we didn’t, we were considered not a part of the ‘new age’ of functional medicine. I have nothing against some of the Practitioner only medicines, it’s just that it is high time we level with one another and realise our Founding Fathers knew a thing or two. Dr. John Christopher, Paul Bragg etc. These men knew how to harness the power of nature and how to capture the essence of natural herbs and plants in Organic form to get people well. The basis for our creed as Practitioners is; “Let food be thy Medicine and let thy medicine be food!”

I lecture around the world to audiences including some Practitioners that have been indoctrinated with strange, new beliefs and pseudo sciences that inevitably lead to little result and breaking the bank of the poor people they prescribe their countless remedies to. Most recently, I was asked to review a prescription given to a friend from another Naturopath. I was shocked! The treatment consisted of nearly 25 pills a day and over $250 a week in keeping the script up. The formulations were good quality and Practitioner Only but the problem was too much and in the wrong combinations and also poor absorption. The human body would simply overload and side effects would result. Have we forgotten what John Wesley taught at Oxford? “Use a duly applied remedy, carefully and prayerfully selected and let that remedy be botanical”, (food based). I find it amusing that many of the big companies now brag about how they purify the remedy! Why did it need to be purified? In many cases the original solution / herb was of a low grade material and needed to be treated with heat, chemically extracted or cryogenically exposed. In isolating these nutrients, many of the beneficial compounds are lost. Of course, some nutrients are purified to extract heavy metals like fish oil. I understand that, but why, when so many plants have a superior source of active components already? Sadly, this new Allopathic doctrine has infected Traditional Medicine and many good Practitioners no longer trust their gut, use their inner wisdom or look to the original, powerful Naturopathic principles to heal people.

The answer, a return to nature!

I created NatraPrac Plus Professional Superfood with one goal…to help people get well and to provide a real cost effective, all in one formula to maintain optimum health. The superfoods have been carefully selected and are all in harmony with one another. The plant proteins are naturally isolated and concentrated and are pure and high in organic compounds. What’s more, the absorption rate is second to none, leaving those nasty pills for dead. Clients who use this formula have reported ‘eye popping’ benefits. Of course, when you add such magnificent, pure and Medicinal foods together in natural harmony, the results are always good! The taste is amazing! You will simply love how great you feel and how easy it is to use.

This beautiful and pure food-only formula will be a hit with you and your family. We source only the finest Certified Organic and/or pure, whole-food ingredients and manufacture it in a HACCP & ISO9001 accredited facility, guaranteeing the highest of quality and purity. Our product supplies high level antioxidants, essential fatty acids (omega 3,6,9), amino acids, plant sterols, naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, catchetins, polyphenols, plant proteins, dietary fibre and is naturally very low in sugar. I encourage you to try it out yourself! Our ground breaking product is a world first and is naturally; wheat free, dairy free, chemical free, additive free, has no artificial sweeteners and is Vegan friendly.

Master Fitness Trainer Melise Hannaford’s tip

This is what all Cellfood users have been waiting for, a comprehensive superfood to complete your ultimate nutritional program. If you are looking the ultimate ‘all in one’ to make the perfect smoothie in the morning, or to lose weight or even start a training program, this is THE superfood Personal Trainers and Dieticians recommend. Naturopaths also recommend NatraPrac Plus as it is the perfect way to start the day. Packed with plant based proteins and some of the world’s most powerful nutritional foods, NatraPrac Plus ticks all the boxes! When taken daily, you will feel full and satisfied. What’s more, there are no nasty additives or anything artificial and most of all.. no yucky pills!

iHealth presents the information related to products & testimonials for educational and/or information purposes and not to treat, diagnose or cure any Medical Condition. iHealth products are to NEVER replace competent Professional Medical advice and as such advises potential users to consult their physician before commencing any nutritional program or undertaking dietary changes.

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