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What are people really saying about Cellfood?

Over 21 years of clinical experience I have learned a few things. Firstly, I use a product that will assist the body to work more efficiently and effectively whilst being very safe – as Hippocrates once said, “First, do no harm”. Secondly, to encourage my clients to work with the recovery process until it is complete. Lastly, to make a healthy lifestyle permanent – Not to get caught on a merry-go-round of feeling good and then not so good, but to maintain a vibrant and healthy body. With so many pills, potions and fads on the market, my focus has been on traditional & proven methods of healing. I have no time for products that don’t work, and neither do my clients! One such substance that demonstrates consistently it does indeed work is Cellfood. Cellfood has been available since 1969 and is now sold in over 90 countries and is produced at the highest standards at NuScience USA who have been ethically and responsibly producing this amazing product enjoyed by millions monthly around the world.

Today Cellfood is used as a functional superfood and the results have been second to none as the product helps assist with bodily functions at a cellular level. The remarkable combination of Ionic Minerals, Enzymes and Electrolytes in a Di Polar base are the brainchild of Genius Inventor, Everett Storey. Over the years in my clinic, I have walked through life’s ups and downs with many clients and have always tried to treat them like family. When I first started out, my heart felt prayer & mission was to locate remedies that would really change lives and so, the discovery of Cellfood while on a lecture tour 20 years ago was Divine providence. It has been my joy to see so many people positively effected by Cellfood.

With this in mind, I have decided to publish a few testimonies of actual users of Cellfood both clients and customers. This is the most honest way to really connect with people. What people say is important and may just serve as encouragement to some who want to try Cellfood for the first time or perhaps have not used Cellfood for a while and need to start again. Remember, Cellfood is a food and as such, should be used daily for life like food. I must stress as impressive as some of these testimonies are, Cellfood should never replace the advice of a competent Medical Practitioner and should never be used to treat any specific disease/condition. Cellfood is good fuel for your body and necessary nutrition for the cells. Happy cells may equal improved health. I count it a blessing to see so many lives changed by Cellfood. I hope you find the testimonials helpful. We have hundreds more and these are just a sample of some of them.

Cellfood as reviewed by Australians – unedited and original text
(Names recorded on file for official documentation & audit purposes)

Great supplement!

5 January 2017

I have been taking Cellfood to improve my immune system for over 10 yrs. I have CFS and experience many symptoms. Cellfood gives my immune system a boost. Without it I definitely notice the difference!
I recommend Cellfood for any that are immune compromised.*

A+ Product

31 July 2016

This product I have been taking for 3 months for a large positively Cyst on my uterus. It has gone down 25% in this time, I am sure its due to taking 25-50 cellfood drops a day in distilled water.*

General Wellbeing and Free of Common Cold/Viruses

28 July 2016

I have been taking Cellfood for just over 12 months. I originally decided to take Cellfood to see if it would help with my severe muscular aches and pains. But I have noticed that my general wellbeing has improved enormously. I have been free of the common cold or any other viral illness that I usually pick up. Not sure of what is exactly in Cellfood but it has certainly been beneficial to my health. Will definitely continue to take this product.

Cellfood and Wellbeing

20 June 2016

I was some time ago diagnosed with permanent – high iron in the blood. I started taking cellfood and within one month had normal iron in my blood.*


16 December 2015

Awesome product. Very professional


7 March 2016

I have my life back i’m pain free..I started taking Cellfood about 3 months ago and the results where amazing. When I was laying in bed to turn from my back to my side was so painful, to put my feet on the floor to walk after being in bed all night was so had because of the pain, every joint in my body was hurting. I’m 53 years old and this pain and stiffness started around my late 40s, I had tried everything Doctors could prescribe but nothing worked, I would go for massages every week and that helped my body pain but only for that day but my feet would still hurt so much when I would get up to walk. I could only take small steps as the pain was unbearable. I was doing some research and I found Cellfood. I was on it for only a few days and I was amazed how I was feeling and how the pain was leaving my body. I’m now back pain free! Walking and going to the gym. I feel like I’m in my early 30s. It’s so nice to get out of bed every day and feel so alive, pain free and to move every part of my body and have no pain. I’m amazed how this has helped me!*


5 October 2015

The product seems to work very quickly upon taking it…and noticeable difference is experienced. ..

My Lifeline

25 May 2015

Cellfood has shown that it DOES combat Severe “Heart Failure” symptoms, chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia. I have found the effects from taking Cellfood has given me hope for the future now. Even the pain from my Spina Bifida has eased dramatically. Took 6 weeks to kick in for I also had major “Toxicity Poisoning” from medication I don’t normally take anything (as a rule) not even a pain killers. Cellfood has decreased my symptoms of toxicity poisoning down to a minimum for it takes the toxins out from the tissues of your body..Without Cellfood, I would not have improved with my very ill health from 8-9 months ago.*

Super Food

8 April 2015

This product has been excellent for my whole family helping combat immune, bowel and general health problems. All four adults are taking this great product and finding it makes a real difference.*


27 March 2015

Health Gurus recommend this, and I can understand why! You can feel it immediately after ingestion. Best price too from this supplier.

Life saving! 

11 November 2015

I Have Emphysema, Cellfood has helped me to keep working and still climb mountains. My Doctor is amazed!*

Brilliant product 

6 April 2015

I take it every day and noticed within the first few days of taking it, an increase in energy levels. I have been taking it for over a year now and will continue to do so. I highly recommend it.

A Genie in a Bottle! 

19 February 2016

All my friends marvel at my energy levels! I am almost 85, and have been taking this wonderful product for more than ten years. A once a day ritual I don’t intend to stop! What more can one say?

Oxygen For Life

18 October 2015

We have been taking cellfood drops for a couple of years. It is a gentle and gradual healer. We increase the drops whenever we are ill or lacking energy. I believe it has helped us greatly and is the basis for all healing and anti-ageing.

Most helpful for cardiomyopathy

7 October 2016

Exceptional when stressed with minor tasks which cause some breathlessness.*


18 September 2015

Cellfood drops are fantastic. In particular they have helped me control my sugar cravings! Brilliant!! My hair is also thicker and shinier!! As is my Mum’s and hers was thinning as she is in her 80s!

Must have for lifelong health 

2 July 2015

We will not do without this for enabling our bodies to repair and sustain health for as long as we can afford it. We believe that restoring your body health has to begin with the necessary supply of oxygen and life-sustaining ionic minerals. We prioritise our finances to buy it.

Changes the life of my clients 

13 January 2016

I have been using Cellfood for my clients – They feel better, more energised and lighter.


23 October 2015

I have been using this product for several years, it has boosted my energy levels. I hardly get a cold anymore, and if I do it has gone in a few days. I certainly recommend this product…*

Cellfood Concentrate 

15 October 2015

My dad has tried this product last year, and been asking me to buy for him ever since. He must have felt really good, and he recommends this to all his friends.

12 September 2016

Recommended by my Naturopath in a note added without comment to a session. As a 79 y.o. I had grown to expect deterioration in some functions, but I saw a renewal of voice and singing function, as well as an all-round improvement in general wellbeing.

Final Thoughts: Cellfood is reliable and safe for all the family. As a tried and proven product, I have no hesitation recommending and using it in my Profession and with my own family. *If you are sick or suffer any condition, please submit to the advice of a Medical Doctor. Cellfood is not a ‘cure’ but a source of vital nutrients. The human body, given the right conditions, and nutrition can be positively effected by a combination or balanced diet, exercise and sensible supplementation. Cellfood ticks all the boxes as a ‘super’ food!

Be Well!

iHealth presents the information related to products & testimonials for educational and/or information purposes and not to treat, diagnose or cure any Medical Condition. iHealth products are to NEVER replace competent Professional Medical advice and as such advises potential users to consult their physician before commencing any nutritional program or undertaking dietary changes.

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