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Oxygen and the Human Microbiome

Probiotics may not work without these key elements.

Did you know that only 10% of the cells in your body are human? Recent research has determined that we actually share our body with over 100 trillion organisms and those organisms make up something called, ‘the microbiome’.* For every single one of our cells, there are actually 10 microbial cells living inside our body that help us to perform life-sustaining functions that we could not perform without their help. The word microbiome is defined as ‘an entire collection of microbes’ (or what we call microorganisms) that inhabit an environment, creating a mini ecosystem. The human microbiome is made up of symbiotics; both commensal and pathogenetic bacteria, also including viruses and fungi, in which our body’s call home.

All these colonies of bacteria, fungi and viruses exist in an extremely unique codependency. They exist everywhere over our skin, in our eyes, our mouths and of course, in our intestines. All of these bacteria are from all different regions of the human body and are collectively known as ‘micro biota’. Some people like to call this ‘gut flora’. Amongst all of these amazing systems and lurking deep inside (in much smaller numbers) are pathogens. Our microbiome spend a lot of time working out whether something is a friend or foe to our body. They help maintain harmony and balance. The main objective is to keep the body from attacking itself.

When you are first born, the microbiome forms through the birthing process and again later with drinking breast milk. It naturally occurs and is affected by our environment and during growing up , from the food we eat to our response to stress and other factors all determine the health and strength of our microbiome. When somebody is exposed to long term use of antibiotics, it will effectively sterilise this environment and can actually cause related illness. Deep inside this amazing family of bacteria, viruses and fungi (as well as pathogens) human health is sustained and balanced.

Depression, anxiety, inability to cope with stress, hormone imbalances, loss of sleep, weight gain and low energy/libido are in many cases signs of a microbiomic imbalance.

So, how does all this relate to oxygen?

Oxygen is critical for the human body for survival. From as early as the 1900s, when Nobel prize-winning Professors discovered the critical role of oxygen, much literature has been published and studies performed to validate the importance of oxygen and even hydrogen in maintaining the body’s overall balance. It’s only now, at this stage of the 21st first century, with all the light that is being shared on the human microbiome, that oxygen and its critical role is grasped. Oxygen’s role in enhancing and strengthening or giving power – like a spark plug if you wish – to the human microbiome that is now beginning to be understood. Basically, it’s as simple as looking at the push-pull principle. The less oxygen areas in any environment in the human body, the more the bacteria, fungi and viruses are free to spread and effect that area of the body; causing damage to tissues and cells. As stable oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream and into the human microbiome, along with hydrogen, the amazing chemical reaction actually helps strengthen and feed the good bacteria thus enhancing the microbiome. Healthy bacteria equals a healthy and vibrant person.

Oxygen is ultimately the giver and sustainer of life. Without it, we cannot live life to the fullest. The human microbiome thrives on a healthy supply of both oxygen and hydrogen. As we begin to understand the critical role of beneficial bacteria etc. in helping maintain our health we see the daily needed nutrients. One of the critical elements that help supercharge the body is a rapid supply and plentiful supply of oxygen; along with enzymes & nutrients. Research is now beginning to understand that a steady supply of bioavailable oxygen, hydrogen, enzymes, colloidal minerals and antioxidants are critical in maintaining the human microbiome. It’s like putting good fuel in your car…you wouldn’t put cheap gas to run your car in danger of causing engine problems, so why put anything cheap and inefficient in your body? The human microbiome thrives on quality and not so much quantity. The ability for the body to absorb nutrients and to process them (and for the good bacteria to win the battle against the bad bacteria and pathogens) all requires the correct balance of oxygen and nutrients on a daily basis.

The Key?

Cellfood contains most of the critical elements for a thriving microbiome. The action of Cellfood in converting 1/100,000th of the body’s own water supply into nascent – (bio available) oxygen and hydrogen is the key to the engine that drives the gut chemically and electrically. No other product in the world operates in such a way! Cellfood provides also a cascade of vital ionic minerals and enzymes that are all naturally sourced. The human cells and microbiome are nourished with rich life-giving nutrition and the effect flows on to assist in repair and rebalancing the body as a whole.
* Ref: Par 1-2 – Microbiome for dummies & Human Microbiome Project 2007-18

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