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Hello Happy Campers! I would like to start my article with a snippet of a stressful day to actually encourage you on how to pro-actively look after yourself and  to ensure you don’t become a statistic of depression or stress related ailments. I promise that it will only look dim for a second to show you that sometimes things happen…and it’s not you! It’s just one of those days.

My day out  –  “Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day’…until; ‘close encounters of the first kind’. I get up ready for another day of being grateful for what I have and seeing if I can be a source of help or encouragement to someone else. Everything starts out great.  I fill up my car at the fuel station. The cashier greets me with a friendly smile and wishes me a nice day. I head off on my merry way to work, with a couple of selfish cut-offs in traffic, (including suffering of a bird flip).eventually find a parking space but still keep a positive attitude. When I reach my office I find a feeling of tension in the air; one of my co-workers had a negative situation they felt they needed to bring into work with them.

After a couple of hours I have a break and get a coffee at the neighbouring cafe. Well! You could have thought that I called the cashier’s mother ugly because I was corrected and virtually reprimanded for not ordering the way they preferred. I hold my tongue and sit down quietly to catch a moment of peace. Lunch…I decide to sit in solitude; maybe call my husband or mother to say hi. Mid-Conversation, the second line rings. I discharge the first call to have someone(whom I don’t even know) abuse me for not picking up an item in a store I had been patiently waiting for them to get in stock and they hadn’t let me know it had arrived. What was going on??? After work close I make my reverse trip home. In afternoon tiredness and heat, the roads are a warfare zone. I try and be patient and let everyone drive hot-headed around me until I’m almost wiped off the road. Now my peace has gone. I try and pray and breathe but my heart is racing and my fuse is close to blowing. My intentions of peace and hope for humanity are now in the dust. I need to somehow decompress for my body and mind to be at peace again.’

Does this happen everyday? No. But somedays this kind of scenario occurs and it’s important we don’t hold onto anger or stress that can have a harmful effects upon us, our loved ones and others we come in contact with. Unfortunately today, that’s how the world is beginning to turn. This is not to have a pessimistic outlook on a somewhat beautiful horizon, it’s just imperfect people dealing with a world of fast paced stress and more and more loudening aggravation. 

So, what is the answer to all this craziness? Find your peace and practise forgiveness. If we can compartmentalise each situation and realise that the people acting negatively or offensively towards us must be in a crisis in their own lives (or just completely self-absorbed and may need psychological help). But what about me? What about you? What can we do in this ‘new world’ of ‘my rights…are more important than yours’?  Sadly, The media around the world are fuelling much of this ugly narrative.

More than that we need time to de-stress. I have begun having plenty of magnesium baths. I take time out of my day to pray and meditate. I try to look out for where I can help someone else. The other thing I’ve realised is that with chemical toxicity syndrome and more readily available medications, there are many people who are finding it harder to think rationally. We need to be positive action people not negative reactionary people! Another thing to take into account is the brain and nervous system misfiring because of depleted trace minerals like magnesium, low electrolytes and dehydration.

Agood diet of fresh foods, fresh air, time-out, moderate exercise and good mineral, electrolyte, amino acid and plant enzyme sources. Seriously, the one thing that I’ve found myself and heard others testify time and time again is that ‘Cellfood’ was the best ‘go-to’ mineral drink to help them feel more positive and less stressed. Even if it’s being on the receiving end of someone else’s stress we need to positively recharge our bodies and minds and realise that we can keep a positive posture; it just takes a little extra effort. My encouragement to you is to be an influencer. It takes a bit of inner strength to keep your chin up and hold up others chins up where you can.

Key practical strategies I use to combat negative effects of stress:

Step back– Try and take yourself out of the scenario and then try not to rehash it.
Walk This helps clear your mind and reduce the affects of cortisol.
Breathe– Lower abdominal breathing in and out while lying down is imperative.
Take 10 deep breathes fully in and out each morning and night.
Pray/meditate – Let go of any anger or unforgiveness. Get your peace back.
Juice – If your stomach has lifted and tightened and eating is temporarily hard just juice.
Keep away from acidic juices like citrus and stick to apple juice with carrots, celery etc.

Re-hydrate– This will really help as your body tries to get rid of the stress toxins. A bit
of apple juice in water is good for rehydration and a support to the liver.

Bathe– Have a nice magnesium bath and soak for 20 minutes. This will replenish your
magnesium lost from stress, help remove the stress toxins and help you re-hydrate.

No News– Remember, “No news is good news”. The saying is old but says it all.
Movie– Watch a comedy. Laughter is medicine to the soul.
Cellfood– Take a few drops of cellfood to help with overall wellbeing and body balance.
Massage – Get a professional massage to relax your body.

Last but not least, HUG A LOT!!! Over the last decade I’ve seen more and more people with signs out in public saying, “Free Hugs”. People are realising that we need that positive touch and show of affection to one another to keep us strong in mind, body and soul.

Add a few hugs into your day to keep those stress toxins away! May you be a blessing to those around you. Stay strong friend! God bless,

Mel :)

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