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How a chance meeting with NASA helped create a world first superfood

When I started my natural health clinic 21 years ago, I had a passion to search the world and locate rare superfoods that were traditionally used in many cultures and bring their benefits to the West. It seemed that many regions revered certain fruits, vegetables and herbs native to their territory that had a rich use in Traditional Medicine; passed on from generation to generation. Fruits, berries, spices, seeds, herbs, vegetables, flours and algae seemed to appear with amazing frequency in records of traditional healing and nutrition. My attention was directed to seek out and scientifically research the compounds and components of these amazing foods to see how and why they possessed such power.

As public awareness of natural health grew in the early 2000s, I devoted myself to the pursuit of locating what I believed to be the most notable of these ‘Superfoods’ and to study their actions and benefits. Interviews, phone calls and letters were sent out as my journey brought me to passionate people who had invested their lives into one particular ‘special’ herb or superfood. With great respect, I gathered information on their traditional uses and studied folklore to help understand each ingredient. I felt a particular responsibility to take all the information I had accumulated and used it for the benefit of as many people as I could. In my natural health clinic, I observed many clients carrying such heavy loads of potential toxicity. Modern day diets, stress and environmental toxins seemed to be a huge weight on their shoulders and the list was only growing. With the awareness of the potential benefits of natural remedies increasing, I noticed a swing towards traditional healing with…‘food as thy medicine’ and wholistic remedies along with a common sense diet and proper nutrition. In all of this emerging culture, many alternative health practitioners preferred the more natural, traditional approach to healing and wellness. I was and am still persuaded that we need to preserve and not throw away the wisdom from previous generations.

Having now given up my clinic, I embarked on travelling the world now as a Volunteer Disaster Relief Operative and Minister, my heart was moved to assemble a formulation that harnesses all I had learned and gleaned from years of clinical practice and research and to combine them into one nutritious, healing, superfood. It was time to literally take all those years of passion, commitment and love for people and release it for the benefit of everyone…not just my own clients; resultantly Life 2U was born. The name stood out to me as my goal and mission has always been to share life with people and help wherever I can to improve it. My dear wife, and experienced Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach, assisted me as we poured over the formula and worked together with a volunteer research team to assemble a perfect blend of nutrients that had to be absolutely all natural. It had to contain Organic ingredients, whole foods and plant extracts, also be Gluten Free, Vegan and suitable for the whole family to enjoy. By comparison, the ingredients in this formula effectively cover more bases nutrition wise than any other on the market. We deliberately kept the formula as an ‘all in one’ rather than split it into several (as many comparative products do to maximise profit). The result is a beautifully honest and powerful formula that truly looks after you and your pocket.

Life 2U Powder contains : The finest Plant Proteins in perfect harmony, naturally occurring Essential Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, Trace elements, Pre biotic fibres and Exotic Fruits. The addition of Maca, a much revered adaptogenic herb, enhances the overall activity and power of the formula. Sweetened with Native Inca Lucuma and no added sugar, fillers or binders or artificial anything! All ingredients are GMO free, chemical and heavy metal free. It is my joy and honour to steward Life 2U Powder to the world and my heart felt prayer and desire is to see your life and health enhanced in every way by this wonderful and wholesome formula.

This formula is now being developed for use in The Life Project LA – a self funded, volunteer, world-first initiative to feed the homeless and impoverished by providing them with our special nutritional powdered blend with a goal to adopt programs globally in the fight to end hunger.

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