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How a chance meeting with NASA helped create a world first superfood

When I started my natural health clinic 21 years ago, I had a passion to search the world and locate rare superfoods that were traditionally used in many cultures and bring their benefits to the West. It seemed that many regions revered certain fruits, vegetables and herbs native to their territory that had a rich […]

Spring Detox the right way!

Thinking about a cleanse but don’t know what to do? I have put together a simple list of a few simple and solid ways to safely and gently detox. You may want to pick and choose which method may help you. Of course, if you have any Medical condition, please seek help from a competent Practitioner […]

Nelson Mandela’s Window

Nelson Mandela’s Window Imagine being in a small prison cell with only one window for 27 years. Then restricted to a single visitor each year and only permitted to write a one page letter every 6 months. Cold, dark and lonely with nothing to do except sit and think. This was the reality for Nelson […]

Keeping your chin up

It’s gonna be O.K! Hello Happy Campers! I would like to start my article with a snippet of a stressful day to actually encourage you on how to pro-actively look after yourself and  to ensure you don’t become a statistic of depression or stress related ailments. I promise that it will only look dim for a second to show you that sometimes […]

Oxygen and the Human Microbiome

OXYGEN & THE HUMAN MICROBIOMEProbiotics may not work without these key elements. Did you know that only 10% of the cells in your body are human? Recent research has determined that we actually share our body with over 100 trillion organisms and those organisms make up something called, ‘the microbiome’.* For every single one of […]

Adrenal Fatigue

Today, one of the most common conditions presenting in clinics worldwide is adrenal fatigue. So many times, people leave the doctor’s office very confused and bewildered after a diagnosis of , ‘”It’s all in your head,” or ‘”You are just depressed.” Unfortunately, modern medicine has largely skipped over the tell tale signs of adrenal fatigue […]

The Four Pillars Of Health

Scientists have long looked at the effects of environmental pollution and other effects on the global levels of oxygen. Recently in Beijing, China, levels of pollution were measured above 516 in the EPA’s AQI (Air Quality Index). What is interesting is that the index only goes up to 500! Let me  paint a picture here. […]

Oxygen Supplementation: Breathe Nourishment Into Your Cells

Dr. Michelle Shoffro Cook is an Internationally best selling author, Certified Herbalist, Board-Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, and one of the world’s most popular natural health bloggers. She holds Advanced Degrees in Health, Nutrition, Orthomolecular Nutrition, and Acupuncture. Did you know that only 10 percent of our nutritional energy comes from food? There does the […]

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