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Are Heavy Metals Making You Sick?

One thing that amazes me is how many people are suffering from heavy metal toxicity and didn’t know about it. Today, the effects of the build up of toxic metals is only just being widely accepted as a major contributor to health problems. The main threats to human health from heavy metals are associated with […]

Toxic Emotions and Stress

We all know what it’s like. That unfair, unwanted situation just as things are looking better. A family member treats you badly, the loss of a loved one, the pain of divorce or a lingering sickness all take their toll on your emotions. Life has a way of throwing a ‘curve ball’ sometimes. I constantly […]

WiFi, The New 21st Century Plague?

In an amazing sequence of events, Channel 7 broke the silence at 6pm July 1st about WiFi and the potential dangers, especially to children. Channel 9 followed a day later with a similar but even more alarming story on Today Tonight. On July 3rd, Telstra broadcasted Nationally, a text message to millions of mobile phone […]

Facing Winter Head On

Each of us face periods in our life where we just seem to be fighting a nagging cold. This year, with so many different strains of flu arriving from overseas, we need to combat them as well as many bacterial infections head on. Most recently, the news reported on a particularly nasty strain of virus […]

What Are Free Radicals

Combatting the ageing process and reversing damage What are free radicals? Free radicals are a by-product of normal cell function. When cells create energy, they also produce unstable oxygen molecules. These molecules, called free radicals, have a missing electron. This electron makes the molecule highly unstable and they are highly dangerous left to their own […]

Natraprac Plus

iHealth is proud to announce the release of the special formula NatraPrac plus after five years of development. The launch date Nationwide is set for January 2014. NatraPrac Plus is a nutrient-rich food considered especially beneficial for health and well being, and one that proposes a new essential protein formula. It offers a non-GMO rice […]

Superfood Revolution

It all started 14 years ago when I commenced clinical practice, long before iHealth. Formerly at my college, I noticed a slow decline in traditional Naturopathic principles and a move towards prescription based, Allopathic Medicine. i.e.; Observe a symptom singularly and then treat the isolated symptom with a certain remedy. I noticed clinical protocol moving […]

The History of Cellfood

In order to tell the story of how Cellfood was first created, we must go back to the year 1946. According to legend, Cellfood inventor Everett Storey, asked Albert Einstein a question. The microbiologist, who was 32 years old at the time, asked Einstein why we are here on Earth. Einstein told Storey that humans […]

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