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Anatomy of Cellfood

Cellfood brings back the healthy natural minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and other nutritional elements to your body that tend to be lost in the quick-paced everyday rush of modern society.

Natural Trace Minerals

Naturally occurring ionic trace minerals like zinc, magnesium, and iron used to be ingested by consuming the foods raised in mineral-rich soil, but modern farming methods wash away or don’t replenish these minerals. Cellfood contains 78 ionic and colloidal trace minerals.

What’s the difference between ionic and colloidal? Ionic minerals contain a charge and are said to be easily absorbed into the body, while colloidal minerals’ absorption does not occur as readily since they are found in large, organized patterns. Colloidal minerals are said to be more easily dispersed through the body and need to be broken down into smaller parts to be absorbed. Many mineral supplements are typically found from clay and shale deposits. However, of Cellfood’s 78 minerals, 34 are derived from fossilized plants in the virgin earth and 44 from mineral springs and the Southern Seas area of New Zealand where the water is clean and still contains its trace minerals.

A Full Complement of Trace Plant Enzymes and Amino Acids

Cellfood also contains 34 enzymes and 17 amino acids. Why so many, and why are they necessary? Enzymes are like the efficiency managers of the body’s cells. They assist them to do basic functions and make sure they do so quickly. Enzymes carry out the chemical reactions our cells need to support our bodies, and enzymes themselves are supported by proteins called amino acids. Think of the enzymes as efficiency managers and the amino acids as their support managers and co-managers, all directing the cells to keep healthy.

Dissolved Oxygen in a Balanced, Beneficial Package

The last part of Cellfood’s nutritional suite of nutrients lies in the solution all the elements are couched in, as well as the highly flexible dissolved oxygen used in Cellfood. Dissolved oxygen is found in microscopic bubbles where the oxygen is mixed in with water molecules.

How Do the Ionic and Colloidal Natural Minerals in Cellfood may Benefit you?

Since Cellfood does not use alcohol, yeast, gluten, or glucose in its manufacture, and all of the elements are taken only from natural sources, Cellfood only contains natural substances. Using extreme cold (cryogenics) to extract the needed minerals instead of the usual chemical extraction, Cellfood is completely non-toxic. The nutrients most easily absorbed, possess a charge (ionic). The minute (4-7 nanometers in diameter) colloidal particles allow passage immediately through providing maximum absorbtion and nutritional benefit.

Since colloidal bodily fluids like blood and lymph are already found naturally in the body, the mixture of ionic and colloidal minerals creates an efficient delivery system for rapid, usable absorption. The biological availability of this propriety system of Cellfood’s 129 nutrients compares favorably against tablets and gel caps with low absorption because they must first be broken down by various acids through the digestive system before they can be absorbed. Bioavailability is the extent to which the body can use nutrients, and the nutrients in Cellfood are engineered to be as bioavailable as possible.

How Cellfood’s Oxygen Works

Beside its nutrients, the defining feature of Cellfood is its over 50-year history of using oxygen to help fight against free radicals.

The released hydrogen also helps aid the body’s critical processes of digestion, assimilation, and elimination so that nutrients may be properly dispersed through the arteries to the brain and all relevant body parts. Since there are two hydrogen atoms for every one oxygen atom, in the process of breaking down water, Cellfood introduces an enormous amount of rich hydrogen to enhance the body’s natural processes.

Naturally Occurring Enzymes Help Fight Free Radicals Too

Antioxidant enzymes are an ideal way to eliminate free radicals, and their regulation depends greatly on the oxidant status of the cell, as aided by Cellfood’s dissolved oxygen.

Balance All Parts of the Body

A good balance in the body, whether it is chemical, biological, electrical, or physical, leads to good health. Cellfood helps provide nutrition that may promote these balances. It provides minerals for the physical construction and maintenance of body parts, and it is engineered to be ideal at the electrical level through its usage of ionic minerals and dissolved oxygen, linking to the electrical signals used by organs and helping boost natural processes to function more effectively. A steady flow of oxygen and nutrients is crucial to overall emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Fight the imbalances lost to our bodies through modern lifestyles and reclaim the balance our bodies crave with Cellfood.

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