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How to Take Cellfood

Cellfood comes in concentrated liquid form. First, you have to add eight drops of Cellfood to a glass filled with 8 ounces of purified water. You can also use juice in its place. You should not use regular tap water. Otherwise, the benefit of the formulation will be reduced since a part of its potency will be used to clean the impurities of tap water. It has a pleasant lemony taste which is a bit sour. You should keep in mind that because Cellfood has potent, natural, organic enzymes, you should be careful in pouring it. Since it is purely concentrated, it can cause damage to organic surfaces or clothing made from natural fiber (Cellfood is able to do its incredible work because of these enzymes). On the other hand, when Cellfood is diluted, it is safe even if it spills on any type of surface.

The Best Time to Take Cellfood

Every person’s body is unique and has its own needs. So when people take a nutritional supplement like Cellfood, each of them may respond in a different way. For optimal results, you can take eight drops thrice in a day. However, most people choose to take these twice daily.

They take 12 drops the moment they wake up, even before they brush their teeth or eat. Then, they take the other 12 drops later in the evening since it allows them to sleep without interruption. Still, others take it after heavy meals to avoid indigestion.

There are some individuals, such as athletes, that add drops of this to their water bottle. They drink this all through the duration of a competitive activity or work-out. The first time you take Cellfood, your body may go through a detoxification process. This has benefits that will later be discussed.

The Right Dosage

As a start, you have to follow the dosage that has been recommended. Then you may increase or reduce it depending on the level of comfort that you feel in response to the detoxification process. If you take a lower dose, this process will decelerate. If you take a higher dose, this will speed up. It will boost your energy levels and increase mental clarity. When you do not notice any difference after taking eight drops, you can raise the dosage and make it 10 to 12 drops or more. Continue to do this until you notice some differences. You have to be careful not to take too much of Cellfood. Since this nutritional supplement comes from natural ingredients, the body only uses whatever it needs. Then it gets rid of what is left by natural elimination.


Everyone is unique, with their own special needs. For this reason, they respond differently to the supplements they take, such as Cellfood. They can take this as often as they need to, at whichever time of day they is most effective. Some take it in the early morning while others take it in the evening. Still, others choose to take it when they need a boost of stamina for a strenuous activity.

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