What is Cellfood?

Cellfood is a proprietary ionic formula that contains 17 amino acids, 34 enzymes, 78 ionic minerals, dissolved oxygen and electrolytes. It also utilizes a unique water splitting technology that makes it one of the best nutrient formulas on the Australian market today. This technology allows it to help provide the human body with an unsurpassed nutrient and oxygen delivery system that can be absorbed efficiently.

This formula also has a unique structure that may help feed and oxygenate the cells. Because of this, it has the capability to assist in tuning up and assisting with cleaning the body’s systems throughout the day. What is good about this amazing formula is that it is gluten-free, yeast free and made from plant substances that are all-natural.

Unlike other products, people around the world can take Cellfood regardless of their health condition. (Please check with your Doctor if you are taking blood thinning medications). It helps provide universal nutrition for every human being. This makes it stand out among other superfood formulations.

People who drink alcohol, smoke, do not eat properly, cannot get enough sleep or want more energy and vitality may greatly benefit from the regular intake of Cellfood. With more nutrients and oxygen in their system, the majority of Cellfood users have reported an increase in their attention span, alertness and ability to deal with pressure and stress that is quite amazing.

As this remarkable formulation has become better known throughout Australia, growing numbers of sports enthusiasts and athletes are benefitting from Cellfood as well. Both amateur and professional athletes have reported to have enjoyed an increase in their stamina in addition to recovering more quickly from injuries.

Unlike other sports nutritionals, Cellfood has the capability to help remove lactic acid from muscles that may hinder recovery and repair. At the same time, Cellfood contains no ingredients that are included on the list of banned substances published annually by amateur, professional and international athletic associations.

A proprietary nine month process is used to create Cellfood. This involves storing all-natural nutrient-rich substances in a negatively-charged deuterium suspension. The result is an amazing formulation that gives birth to a cascade of life-giving and vital oxygen. This newly-born oxygen along with a wide range of vital nutrients may be transported into every cell in the human body.

This may assist the human body to build, clean and tone the tissues and cells day after day. The human body is over two-thirds water, and this hydrogen and oxygen source is virtually unlimited.

When people mix Cellfood with juice or water and ingest it, the unique water splitting action starts the moment they take the first sip. This timely release of oxygen usually peaks within eight to twelve hours. It continues to work hour after hour. It releases oxygen wherever and whenever it is needed in partnership with the human body’s own natural intelligence. No more oxygen is released if it is no longer needed.

With the help of Cellfood, the body’s essential electrolytes, amino acids, enzymes and natural minerals may be delivered simultaneously on the deepest cellular level. Many nutritionists consider Cellfood to be a miracle of electronic design. This is because Cellfood is negatively charged and colloidal in nature. This is similar to the lymph and blood fluids found in the human body.

Due to this unique composition, Cellfood may achieve a natural synchronicity among these fluids. This makes Cellfood move into the cell wall quite easily, and the vital nutrients may be assimilated and absorbed efficiently and quickly. Aside from that, Cellfood utilizes a di-base, di-pole delivery system that has the capability to provide essential nutrients under any conditions.

When a person first takes Cellfood, as with any supefood, they may feel some noticeable signs of cleansing such as slight nausea, mild headaches, frequent urination and bowel movements. As their body may now receive a continuous stream of the important building blocks that it requires to strengthen its systems, it may start to clean house. The body may then begin to liquefy accumulated toxins and waste that may have been lodged in the organs, tissues and cells for many years.

It may also start to be eliminated in forms such as mucus or phlegm. People should undergo this process that usually lasts for one to three days. In some cases, it can continue for one week or more if there are many toxins present. Although people may feel slightly uncomfortable afterwards, they may start to experience a unique level of vitality.

Cellfood’s cleansing may also be called a healing process that is an acute and sudden reaction caused by strengthening the human body’s energy so that any old toxins may easily be eliminated. The regular use of Cellfood will ultimately help assist the body in eliminating more accumulated toxins while assisting in making every system stronger.

During this healing process, people may feel a lack of energy. However, this is quite normal as their body is restoring and cleansing itself at a very deep cellular level. The constant intake of Cellfood during this process may ensure that a person helps their body go through the healing process. After this, they will feel more comfortable than ever before.

All of these properties are what makes Cellfood an exceptional delivery system for the nutrients and other vital minerals that the body needs. At the same time, there is no known toxicity associated with Cellfood. Most importantly, Cellfood does not create free radical damage in the human body.

Free radicals are often believed to be the main cause of disease and aging. Because Cellfood’s released oxygen is negatively charged, it often may attract and seek out these dangerous free radicals. These harmful substances are combined with Cellfood in order to create stabilized oxygen may be beneficial to the human body.

Cellfood is plant sourced and totally natural. People can rest assured that taking this amazing food based formula will not harm them in any way. As with anyone undertaking any nutritional program, if you are under medical care or pregnant, you should consult with your Dietician, General Practitioner or Specialist before using this product.

Ingenious Health is an official master distributor of Cellfood Australia.

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