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Minerals and Longevity

By David Hannaford ND AdvDip.IFAS Dip.H.M Dip.Chm AANMP

Today, the topics of longevity, feeling great and looking good are at the forefront of many people’s minds. The relentless pursuit of the ‘fountain of youth’ has been a defining part of society since ancient Greece. Today anti ageing clinics are fast emerging as one of the most ‘in demand’ services within the Health Industry. News media and Scientific Journals are abuzz with articles and research on the effects of chemicals, toxins, environment and stress in relation to acceleration of the ageing process. One of the most widely used and reliable methods in diagnosing and planning treatment of this dilemma is found in Hair/tissue Mineral analysis (HMA). The early Biblical references mentioned Minerals as the foundation blocks of humankind. “From Dust ye were taken…” The Hair Mineral Analysis is used to assess what may be disturbing the delicate balance of minerals that directly influence our endocrine system (glands). The endocrine system is responsible for homeostasis, the body’s ability to maintain stable internal conditions, including body temperature, regardless of changing external conditions. Balance is crucial to all life processes. The body functions within very specific margins, and being forced to function outside of those margins can cause a whole series of negative events. The endocrine system also controls the processes of reproduction, metabolism, growth and development.

Why Test For Minerals? – Minerals are the “sparkplugs” of life. They are involved in almost all enzyme reactions within the body, and without them, life ceases to exist. A Hair Mineral Analysis is a preventative as well as being very useful as a screening tool. It allows for a correct nutritional program of diet and supplements to be designed for the specific needs of the individual. Never before has there been available a metabolic blueprint with such a degree of applicable scientific accuracy. Even though you may not be experiencing a severe problem, abnormal changes in body chemistry and nutritional deficiencies may result in early, subtle changes in the biological terrain (cellular level) such as:

  • White spots in fingernails – can indicate a possible zinc deficiency.

  • Longitudinal ridging in nails – can indicate iron deficiency.

  • Brittle hair and nails – can indicate calcium and copper imbalance.

  • Deep grooves across nails – can indicate calcium deficiency.

  • Stretch marks – can indicate zinc deficiency.

  • Lack of growth – can indicate zinc deficiency.

  • Mood swings – can indicate possible toxic metal accumulation such as lead, mercury, or cadmium.

The above indicators are early signs of metabolic disturbances and may lead to problems if left unchecked.

Common Causes Of A Mineral Imbalance Can Be:

  • Improper diet – such as excessive intake of refined carbohydrates and sugars, strict vegetarian diets or other exclusive diets.

  • Taking vitamins and minerals that are not compatible with your current body chemistry.

  • Long-term or excessive ingestion of prescription drugs or over-the-counter symptom relieving products.

  • Unresolved stress issues.

  • Accumulations of toxic metals from our environment, job, or hobby.

  • Genetic or inherent mineral patterns from parents.

With every Mineral analysis test, a comprehensive and easy to read graph gives a clear and decisive picture of the body’s mineral landscape. With the inclusion of sensible diet and addition of products such as Green barley, MSM, Moorlife elixir and Proanthogen, free radical damage and deficiencies may be corrected thus restoring balance to the glands positively effecting and countering the ageing process.


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