Cellfood Economy 3 Pack

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The Cellfood Concentrate Formula is a unique blend of 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen compacted in liquid form. Quickly and easily absorbed by the body, it contains high-quality plant-based ingredients that deliver nutrients to your body.

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The Cellfood Economy 3 Pack includes:

  • 3 x Cellfood Concentrate Formula – 30ml

Cellfood Concentrate Formula – 30ml

A small step for man…
A giant leap for nutrition!

The Cellfood Concentrate Formula is a unique blend of 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen compacted in liquid form. Quickly and easily absorbed by the body, it contains high-quality plant-based ingredients that deliver nutrients to your body.

See the Cellfood Original Concentrate product page for more information.

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38 reviews for Cellfood Economy 3 Pack

  1. GM

    I love Cellfood. I have to say, these guys have looked after me for 15 years now. I have never felt better and Cellfood literally saved me.

  2. Deadshed

    Not a fan of in the past of natural products but this Cellfood is legit. I take it in 2 litres of water on the job during the week and never get dehydrated as much and way less sore in the gym. I notice energy all day now without needing the caffeine hit.

  3. carol Marcus

    Best value on the internet and buying direct from Cellfood is always a plus as you get the real deal. Good service too.

  4. Mark Pugh

    Excellent product

    This product helps me to breathe easier, if I remember to use it.

  5. David Johnson

    Ingenious Cellfood

    I love this product and the fact I can buy direct. Great service and speedy postage. I have used Cellfood daily for years now. I recommend it to anyone who wants a powerful superfood product that has pedigree and actually works, really works!

  6. Xue Shan

    It works

    My mother has been using this product for a while. She says it helps her in many ways.

  7. Deanne Thompson

    Brilliant product

    Great product at great prices. CELLFOOD really makes a difference in our daily lives. Better energy, clearer thought patterns and rapid recovery from any dips in health. We’ve been users of Cellfood for more than 5 years now and recommend this to everyone. My worn out knees have even improved!

  8. Dena Constantine


    I have been on and off this product for 15 years. It gives me energy, helps me breathe better. Great source of electrolytes and gives me a great night sleep. I could seriously not live without this product. Oh and it also has made my skin lovely.

  9. Roy Winwood

    Be ready for any day

    I have been taking Cellfood for a number of years.
    I feel that it helps me each & every day, whatever it may bring.
    Feel reenergised & in general my overall health is in good order
    Roy. N.S.W

  10. David Chiel

    Economy 3 Pack CellFood

    Your service is prompt and professional. Thank you very much.

  11. Endang Luu

    Great Product

    Since taking cellfood, Im not easily feeling tired. The first few days to one week, I have flu symptoms and tired (this is a normal part of detox for some people) But after that, I never get sick. Im working full time, have 2 kids, and do the house work without complain, I didnt get sick, and sleep well too. Cellfood help to boost my energy and immune system. 95% of my family are using cellfood now.

  12. David Chiel


    The product arrived quickly and was less expensive then where I usually purchase it. Thank you.

  13. Zlatko Tahirovic


    For me, Cellfood products are really working. I am a long-term user

  14. Deanne Thompson

    Amazing superfood☺for everyone at brilliant prices

    Cellfood users for 5 years now and have introduced many friends and family members.
    Pick me up use 6 drops in a small wine glass of filtered water.
    At work 22 drops in 800 ml of filtered water ,sip all day.
    Brain fog, 6 to 8 drops in a small glass.
    Just love this super food!

  15. Annette Bearpark

    Essential for Cells

    I am 63 years of age and take 8 drops in water every day. I have been doing this for the past 4 years and avoid many ailments that others my age get. No flu, colds, aches and pains etc. This product feeds my cells throughout my entire body keeping me feeling young and healthy. I am regularly complimented on my youthful appearance and told I look 10 years younger than my physical age. I highly recommend this product.

  16. Marc Corbett

    My Story with Cellfood

    With young, twin daughters, it is a perpetual struggle to have them adopt a healthy eating life style.
    (Peer group pressure at school, media hype, big pharma, coupled with societies fast food mentality compounds the struggle to provide nutrition that is clean and healthy).

    I first introduced the girls to Cellfood when they were 5-6, and the product was well received as it could be introduced in their drinking water, orange juice and other daily food items. Both girls enjoyed the slightly tangy flavour which surprised me, knowing their very choosy taste. Explaining the attributes of Cellfood to the girls early in their life, was also a critical aspect of their health education.

    I had previously searched for additional methods to provide healthy supplements for my girls given today’s pollution and toxic environment we are subject to. The majority of today’s supposed organic supplements are total junk, riddled with fillers and by products of factory waste. So, …… after 2 years of NO CELLFOOD, my girls actually requested their, quota of 8 drops, again. !!

    What can I say. The product is a massive hit once more. I am content knowing the girls are receiving a critical element of their essential nutrition they require on a daily basis, the flavour is addictive and most importantly, protecting cells with copious amounts of oxygen is the secret to optimum cellular health.

    My family cannot be without Cellfood any more, it appears. It is now a house-hold necessity, and a staple ingredient that contributes towards my own peace of mind as well as cellular level daily maintenance.
    I insist everyone try a few drops in water, it will alter your outlook on life and health.

  17. Sonya Holt

    Very Satisfied

    Love this product really needed a boost to my system, just what I needed

  18. Veronica Curtis

    Cellfood drops

    This is an amazing product! I had been through a very long stressful patch through life which in turn I had run myself down badly. The worst I had ever felt energetically / health / immunity wise. From research and knowledge, I knew I needed a lot of different vitamins minerals & supplements etc to get back on top again, and then the headache of how much to take with what and still not to absorb anything as all my levels of everything were too low. Then I came across cellfood online, it was what I was looking for but couldn’t believe it actually existed! Every little thing my body needed to start rebuilding and in the easiest way to take! I started taking it 4 years ago, and in just 3 days I could feel a massive difference! I took cellfood for 12 months straight with a consistent healthy diet (no crazy strict diet, just made sure I had a decent serve of fruit veg and protein daily, still enjoyed the not so healthy 1-2 a week) and I was back to normal and actually feeling more energetic, positive and contented than ever. Since the 12 months I now take cellfood for a month every 2-3 months sometimes more if life gets a little crazy. For how bad I was to now I’ve only been sick with the flu badly once! I’m not usually one to write reviews, but cellfood really is amazing, it saved me years of repair time and well actually repaired me, It is very rare to find a product that can have this outcome without having to take so many other products.
    Read the info and understand how it works, you would be crazy not to try it, it does the work for you!
    I have shared cellfood with family and friends and they all love it and are amazed by it too!

  19. Stephen Lee

    Cellfood For ALL

    I have been taking Cellfood for about 20 years now and since starting this product I have bee extremely well without any ailments not even the common cold.

  20. Mrs Deidre I Urwin


    Essential for part of any healing protocol is CellFood. You will notice the difference within days once you add this to your daily routine. Oxygen for the cells, trace elements, enzymes.

  21. Dianne Davis


    Have had good results from taking cellfood. Onto my 3rd bottle and will continue to take it. I feel I have better energy since I started taking cellfood

  22. Melinda Vincent

    Miracle for Face!

    The Cellfood Oxygen Gel is wonderful. A long time ago I used the cream, but the gel really hydrates your skin all day (my skin doesn’t get dry as the day closes), and I think heals imperfections (again, too early to tell how far this will go). I do use the gel with a couple of other products and they work well together, but I’m not sure how effective it would be on its own.

    Thank you fir supplying this product to me. A customer for life!

  23. Elke Dwiar


    I use cellfood all year around.I love it!I have so much more energy and hardly ever get sick.
    I always buy it from ihealth as the service is professional,friendly and quick at all times and the price is right!
    Thank you ihealth

  24. Alexander Simons

    A must have for a good health regimen.

    In a world full of toxins and radiation. With foods grown in soils depleted of trace elements . This is a Great product for maintaining energy levels, general health and wellbeing. Great value from ihealth too.

  25. Ary Kleiberg


    As a keen bike-rider I noticed an immediate improvement in my breathing and stamina, particularly on hills. As a 76 year old I feel like I have lost maybe 5 years! Top product.

  26. Todd Varrow

    Great supplement!

    I have been taking Cell Food to improve my immune system for over 10 yrs. I have CFS and experience many symptoms. Cell Food gives my immune system a boost. Without it I definitely notice the difference! I recommend Cell Food for any that are immune compromised.

  27. Agnes Vivarelli

    A+ Product

    This product I have been taking for 3 months for a large Fybroid Cyst on my uterus. It has gone down 25% in this time, I am sure it’s due to taking 25-50 cellfood drops a day in distilled water.

  28. Janice BOSCACCI

    General Welleing and Free of Common Cold/Viruses

    I have been taking Cellfood for just over 12 months. I originally decided to take Cellfood to see if it would help with my severe muscular aches and pains. But I have noticed that my general wellbeing has improved enormously. I have been free of the common cold or any other viral illness that I usually pick up. Not sure of what is exactly in Cellfood but it has certainly been beneficial to my health. Will definitely continue to take this product.


    Cellfood and haemochromatosis

    I was some time ago diagnosed with haemochromatosis – high iron in the blood. I started taking cellfood and within one month had normal iron in my blood.

  30. Angel

    Brilliant product

    I take it every day and noticed, within the first few days of taking it, an increase in energy levels. I have been taking it for over a year now and will continue to do so. I highly recommend it.

  31. iHealth Customer

    LIFE saving

    I Have Emphysema,Cellfood has helped me to keep working and still climb mountains Doctor is amazed

  32. alicat

    wouldn’t be without it

    I Have tried most general health supplements and this one is now a staple. A great product!

  33. G.P.Scrimshaw


    Awesome product Very profesional

  34. lily

    Cellfood equals energy

    Since taking cellfood, I have more energy to do what I have to do. I feel strong and healthier as I have not caught any cold or flu for the whole year. Although it is quite expensive, it is worth to spend on cellfood and keep yourself energized.

  35. AN


    Excellent value for money, great product to enhance your health. I have been using it for many years!

  36. iHealth Customer


    Very good product. Highly recommended.

  37. Leah

    Now on my 2nd batch of the product

    Immediately I have noticed the energy benefits from taking this product. I take it every day and definitely notice when I don’t take it. I enjoy the ease of use and will continue taking it for as long I as I continue to see the benefits. Thanks for supplying this product to the public

  38. iHealth Customer


    Excellent value for money product. I have been using it for many years and has improved my breathing. MS

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