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Harmonise & AntiBac Protection for your Phone

World First Nano Liquid Glass Technology to protect your iPhone or Smartphone. Combined with a green 8 Gold EMF phone Harmoniser for iPhone and Mobile, this amazing technology will protect your smart phones or devices for 12 months from all bacteria and guard against scratches for 12 months. EMF Harmoniser will work for years and works on all smart phones!

Contains 3 x Liquid Glass Shield for use on Mobiles, iPad, PDA, Laptop etc. Also included is 1 x Green 8 Gold Mobile Shield for Mobile/Smart Phone.

Proven protection against abrasions, bacteria, dust and damage!

Some Liquid Glass Shield facts for you…

  • Developed and manufactured in Germany.
  • Award winning technology
  • Easy to apply giving complete protection to the whole device
  • Crystal clear, invisible protection from germs and bacteria
  • Protection against abrasion
  • Can improve the visible appearance of minor hairline scuffs /abrasions
  • Reduces adhesion of finger marks and smudges
  • Provides an easy to clean surface
  • Gives anti-microbial protection
  • Resistant to both acid and alkaline
  • Protection against oil and oil based substances (Oleophobicity)
  • Helps to restore worn oleophobic coatings found on devices such
    as iPhone and iPad
  • Does not affect the manufacturer’s warranty – Apple, Blackberry,
    HTC, Kindle, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Motorola etc.
  • Compatible and tested with all:
    • Mobile phones • TVs & monitors • Laptops & desktop computers • Tablets & e-book readers • Cameras • Video game consoles • SatNav systems • Glasses & sunglasses

CNN: A study published last year in the Journal of Applied Microbiology found that viruses easily transfer between glass surfaces (think iPad or smartphone screens) and fingertips. And a recent report found that of four iPads swabbed in two Apple stores located in New York City, one contained Staphylococcus aureus, the most common cause of staph infections, while another registered a bacteria associated with skin rash. That’s not even counting the cold and flu germs that might be lurking.

BBC News/Health: It is the sort of news story that will have left many feeling queasy over their breakfast cereal – a study which suggests one in six mobile phones is contaminated with faecal matter. Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Queen Mary, University of London took nearly 400 samples from mobile phones and hands in 12 British cities. They found 16% of phones and 16% of hands harboured E. coli (Escherichia coli), bacteria which inhabit the human intestines. The solution: An application of Liquid Glass Shield prevents bacteria from replicating in the way they would normally do on an untreated surface, tests show that bacterial loadingis reduced by up to 60%.

The Green 8 Gold Liquid Glass Combo Pack is the best way to protect you and your mobile!

**Package contains 3 x Liquid Glass Shield ( for your Mobiles, iPad etc. and 1 x Green 8 Gold for Mobile / Smart Phone.

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According to Heim’s Unified Quantum Field Theory, there is an interaction between the “informatory space in hyper space” and the “physical space in relational space”. Based on this theory, using appropriate measuring devices, changes in both the energetic and harmony status of biological systems, once fitted with a transformational device, can most certainly be observed and appreciated.

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