Kung Fu’d Powder

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Kung Fu’d™ is The Original Master’s Tonic since 1999 – Now masterfully handcrafted into a convenient and powerful powdered formula. Experience the ultimate pure & Organic superfoods with a spicy kick. No essences here… Just raw power that really packs a punch!

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Health’s New Superhero!

…Your year-round body guard.

Filled with ancient wisdom, the Kung Fu’d™ recipe dates back to the 1600’s where it was used in folklore as a traditional health tonic. Our fiery ‘secret agent’ blend combines 5 of the world’s most powerful, Certified Organic herbs with pure Australian grown Apple Cider Vinegar powder. Used daily, our spicy blend may help invigorate and energize your day! …Not just a winter warrior!

Ingenious Health is proud to officially launch this exciting product in Australia as a replacement for the Kung Fu’d Liquid product.

    Naturopathically Formulated.
    All Natrual. Nothing Artificial.

    You only want the best for your body right?
    Trust the Master! Our powerful blend from histories past is combined with modern know-how then blended to perfection, making one of the most potent, all-round superfoods in the world. We dare you to try it!

    We dare you to try Kung Fu'd

    Frequenlty Asked Questions

    • Why Kung Fu’d™?
      We created a very unique spicy beverage after years of research and development. The original Kung Fu’d™ was born from a traditional ancient recipe combining what is commonly referred to as ‘Head Herbs’, that is; the most powerful and revered herbs and pure apple cider vinegar. Our research found the liquid although powerful had limitations as people want ‘take it with you’ convenience without a loss in potency and purity. Our team worked on producing a new and improved Kung Fu’d™ using Certified Organic herbs and pure australian apple cider vinegar in a powdered form.The result is a world first superfood with no equal.
    • When is the best time to use Kung Fu’d™?
      Any time during the day although morning is best! Traditionally, apple cider vinegar (with the mother) is a staple morning tonic for millions of people daily. Kung Fu’d™ contains pure Australian apple cider vinegar with the addition of our Special Kung Fu’d™ blend of Organic hot herbs to kick it to the next level. During the winter months, Kung Fu’d™ really shines as the beneficial foods may assist in maintaining wellbeing and vitality when you need it most.
    • How do I use Kung Fu’d™?
      Add one teaspoon to a cup of hot water and enjoy throughout the day whenever desired. Can be mixed with salad dressings or your favourite sauce to add flavour and a zesty punch.
    • Can everybody enjoy Kung Fu’d™
      We recommend due to the spicy blend of herbs, sensitive individuals and children under 12 not consume our product. If you are pregnant or nursing or under any Medical advice, as with commencing any nutritional program/foods or dietary changes, please consult your Healthcare Professional.
    • Can I use Kung Fu’d™ all year round?
      Absolutely! In fact the addition of our unique product to your daily routine may give you many benefits as the rich array of Spicy Herbs, Phytonutrients, antioxidants, fibre and trace minerals making Kung Fu’d™ a perfect superfood.

    What’s in Kung Fu’d™

    • Australian Grown Pure Apple Cider Vinegar Powder (with the Mother)
    • Secret agent blend including:
      • Certified Organic Garlic Powder
      • Certified Organic Ginger Powder
      • Certified Organic Cayenne Powder
      • Certified Organic Horseradish Powder
      • Certified Organic White Onion Powder

    iHealth presents the information related to products & testimonials for educational and/or information purposes and not to treat, diagnose or cure any Medical Condition. iHealth products are to NEVER replace competent Professional Medical advice and as such advises potential users to consult their physician before commencing any nutritional program or undertaking dietary changes.

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    Kung Fu'd

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    3 reviews for Kung Fu’d Powder

    1. Jonno V

      What the….My goodness this stuff is powerful. I spoke to David about all my ‘challenges’ and he recommended Kung Fu’d. I love this product and would not hesitate recommending to anyone who needs an immune boost without all the garbage usually recommended. I want natural things that work. I tried all different kinds of products to help me feel stronger and not worry every time a cold snap sets in. The horseradish and Garlic clear my nose and the Cayenne and ACV make me feel warm instantly.
      I used Braggs ACV for years, this product leaves it in the dust.. Thanks guys for all the good products!

    2. Barbara M

      This product literally gets rid of a sore throat in one dose. I found at the first sign of getting sick, the herbs really boost me and I end up with no days off work. As a mother, this is a great product. It is spicy though so if you want it more mild in taste, use less. It’s certainly powerful and way better than anything else for the winter season or any time of the year you feel down.

    3. Gregory C

      Powerful stuff! I used to buy the liquid version of this product and this is even better. I love adding it to my morning routine instead of apple cider vinegar. This is next level and keeps me well in winter as well as around the year. You can feel the herbs working within seconds. I recommend adding to water in the morning first thing for best results. Do it for 1 week and wait to see how much better you feel. I used to rely on Red Bull for energy, this product is all natural and gives me instant energy. Thanks guys, another great product made by Ihealth.

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