T- 22 - 100 WiFi Router Harmoniser

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Harmonise your WiFi.

WIFI router protection for larger spaces. Designed and engineered in Germany from Leading EMF Researcher Freidrich Bauer.

Bauer Biotec developed a product line that may neutralise these unwanted pathogenic frequencies, thus ensuring a new energy quality. Improved energy quality means better quality of life! Try it yourself. In today's offices and at home, the use of wireless links (WIFI routers) is on the rise.

The Transformer 22 Today, we all live surrounded by a dense network of mobile communication transmitters, satellite frequencies, transmitter stations, and high voltage supply lines. Mobile phones, smart phones, digital cordless DECT phones, GPS and WIFI systems are a part of everyday life.

The associated radiation exposure is on the rise and may be the cause of noticeable discomfort in many individuals.

With the T-22 the pulsed energy emitted by the WIFI networks are lastingly neutralised and harmonised. It creates a personal protective zone for a health-conscious and stress-free working environment. Discomfort such as headaches, fatigue, loss of concentration, restlessness, weakness and sleep disorders can effectively disappear. This has been confirmed by our customers worldwide.

Transformer 22 provides a WIFI protective zone in a radius of up to 20 metres.

Installation and application

The TRANSFORMER 22 - 100 is placed horizontally close to the WLAN-Router or at a suitable, non-interfering location in the room – e.g. on a cupboard or even on the floor. The surface of the TRANSFORMER 22 must be unobstructed at all times and should never be covered with pamphlets or any other objects.

**IMPORTANT - Condition of sale. All Bauer Biotec products are sold as clearance until permanently sold out. Bauer Biotec line is liquidation stock. All sales are final and items cannot be returned/refunded. Any after sales enquiries must be directed to the distributor via email: contact@bauer-biotec.de

**The various E-Smog products contained herein make no claims whatsoever that the respective products physically shield / block / reduce electric / electromagnetic radiation / energies / areas of interference. Rather, E-Smog Products harmonize the negative information contained in both electromagnetic radiation and areas of interference in the so called “informatory space“, rendering them more harmonious for biological systems (human beings, animals, plants).

According to Heim’s Unified Quantum Field Theory, there is an interaction between the “informatory space in hyper space” and the “physical space in relational space”. Based on this theory, using appropriate measuring devices, changes in both the energetic and harmony status of biological systems, once fitted with a transformational device, can most certainly be observed and appreciated.


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A product that works!

By: on 9 May 2015
This product does exactly as advertised. Being a highly energy sensitive person, I could definitely feel the change in energy composition and quality in the house once this product was installed. It made me far more aware of the destructive nature of the wi-fi waves. I can now stand near our modem router without aches, disorientation and imbalance. It has also reduced the feeling of intense irritability and sudden heat I would get near wi-fi devices in the house. We now have a number of the Bauer Biotec products and together they work to give us deeper and more restful sleep, reduced headaches and pains, less heaviness and unclear thinking. I feel that these products definitely do their job. The positive effects are accumulative and ongoing.

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